Which headphones?


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Hi there,i need some advice as there seems to be so many makes of headphones out there,i just need a pair around the 20 to 30 pound mark which will only be used for late night viewing.
Can anyone suggest which ones are any good please?


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I don't know I've always been a Sennheiser supporter but maybe not at this low price point. Personally I would recommend spending at least £45 for headphones designed to go with hi-fi as opposed to portable devices. However, in the £20-£30 price bracket I would say that AKG or Beyerdynamic may offer better value for money.

Definitely listen to whatever you're going to buy as there is a lot of rubbish around at this price, as well as some genuine value for money stuff.

HD600's can be got for around £120 these days - this is the price point where Sennheiser really shine ;) (IMHO - naturally).



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i own a pair of sennheisers for late night viewing as was well happy with them for 100 quid.unfortuately i heard a pai of my mates grado`s which destroyed my sennheisers in a mater of seconds.an as soon as i need a new pair its gonna be grado because at the rice sennhesiers dont even compare


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Maybe I should try Grado. Only two things have put me off, firstly I've never found a place which stocks them near me (only seen them online) and secondly I believe that the entire range are supra aural.

I've always had a problem sith supra-aural headphones: my ears start top hurt after not very much listening with almost all the ones which I've tried.



Bought these for £41.99 from Hifi Bitz - they're really comfy, great sound, and get 5 stars from What Hi Fi!

If you're looking at spending a lot more cash then I'd go for Sennheisers, but for £42 the Beyerdynamic 'phones are pretty damn good.

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Grado's are very good - I auditioned a number of the headphones mentioned here and the Grado SR60's came out top by a long way

Do you have a sevenoaks near you ? I know they stock the range (and gave me a good discount when I asked)


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Strange, IFIRC my Sevenoaks only stocked Sennheisers (and maybe A. N. Other but definitely not Grados).


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