Which headphoneamp should I get for a pair of Takstar Pro 82?


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BACKGROUND: (skip and go straight to the question if it's too boring): I'm a total beginner when it comes to over-ear-headphones. Right now I'm using a pair of iems for my music listening (Tin Hifi T2 with the foam-earbuds) which is just hooked up to my phone when I listen to music (Spotify). I'm thinking about ordering a pair of Takstar Pro 82 (new version) as a first step into over-ear-headphones. I'm a little bit scared it'll be too V-shaped and have too recessed mids but after a lot of reading impressions on forums and reviews I've kind of decided that I'm going to get a pair. I probably would love the sound-character of an open pair of headphones but I live in a noisy home so I need a closed pair of headphones like he Takstar Pro 82.

QUESTION: I'm totally lost when it comes to headphone-amps (which I need, right?). Do anyone have any advice on which one to get to a pair of Takstar Pro 82 (New version)?

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I've not listened to, nor know anything about the Takstar headphones. Looking at the specs they are 32 ohm rated so will not prove difficult for any headphone amp to drive. If you want a good desktop amp that will prove capable then the Pro-Ject Head Box S2 will be more than ample for the Takstars.

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