Which HDMI player should i get?



Ok Guys and Dolls, I need some help on which DVD player i should get.

I've just got a High Def 32 lcd and i want to get a dvd player which will show off my new tv, i want HDMI ouput for the tv and a 6 channel anoluage audio output for my amp(for my old amp, really love it dont want to change it). My problem is i don't want to spend over £300 cos of the soonish release of HD-DVD/Blu Ray players. Just need something to tie me over till then, which doesn't mean i want to sacrifice quality. My short list are below and i would appreciate it if anyone could give some good/bad views on these players

Many Thanks

Denon 1920
Samsung HD950
Phillips DVP 9000s
Panasonic S79
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