Which HDD-DVD? help please

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    Hi guys and girls!

    I'm new to the avforum, i heard this was the place where any questions i had with audio and visual could be met here, and was wondering if some of you nice people could help me!

    Im after a freeview hard drive and DVD recording unit. I previously owned an old digifusion unit which has dual tuner and records just onto a harddrive, the idea was brilliant - look at the tv guide and click record on the programs you want, its exactly what i wanted (However it never worked, the stupid unreliable thing!!!), nice and easy plug and play so my dad can use it without having a haemorrage trying to work out what to do - he's technology illiterate basically, even though he owns a fair few gadgets! He usually just shouts to me to sort it out, so i need something thats very easy to use, nice and user friendly .

    So basically im looking for a decent recorder which will do this job. I dont need massive amounts of space, 160GB is more than sufficient, the dual tuner is deffinately an idea that i like so that i can watch one program and record another! However i already have an inbuilt freeview tuner on the tv so im guessing i wouldnt really need this feature.

    My budget is around £250, i dont really want to go over this, but if needs be i will, but only just! Its doesnt need to be HD or anything as i cant see me upgrading my TV any time soon!

    Cheers for any responses!

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    You say you want to record DVD. In that case...

    1: You will not get a dual tuner unit; such things do not exist in DVD recorders. As you say, the digital tuner in the TV mitigates this to a degree anyway; with such a setup you will be able to record one, watch another (but not record two).
    2: Your question is better placed in the DVD Recorders part of our forums.

    In light of (2), I'll move this for you.

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