Which HD player to go with new Pioneer plasma?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by jbaker, Sep 14, 2005.

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    Hope to get one of Pioneer's new 6th generation plasmas before year's end (43 or 50in) but would love advice on a good dvd player to go with it. Have had a Pioneer 717 for a few years now (is it just me or are newer dvd players just not as classy looking as the 717?) but I want one which can take advantage of the plasma's HDMI inputs.
    Love the look of Cambridge Audio kit and their DVD79 (£200) seems to fit the bill for a HD feed, but should I be looking at something a little classier and more expensive given it's a high end plasma?
    No specific budget as such, but anything up to £1,000 is feasible, tho if I don't have to spend that sort of money to get a fabulous picture it would be preferable!!!
    Spending less would also mean I could get a dedicated CD player and stereo amp (again Cambridge Audio kit gets great reviews)...unless there's a DVD player within budget that can give great CD playback as well.
    Lots of querstions I realise but any advice very much appreciated.
    Many thanks

    Please feel free to comment on weaknesses in my current set up:
    Sanyo 32in widescreen CRT TV (obvious weakness!)
    Pioneer DV717 DVD player
    Pioneer VSX-859 Receiver
    Sky+ Pace box
    Kef Egg KHT2005 speakers x 5
    Apple Express for feeding second pair of Kef Eggs in dining room
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    Paradise Lost
    Well pioneer are about to release the 989 and evidently pioneer now have got rid of the chroma bug.
    It has been improved other the 868, which itself was very good.

    the price of the 989avi is £799 with free qed HDMI cable.

    Heres a link for the piture and info.


    Would make an excellent partner for the plasma you intend to have and is future proofed as it can pass interlaced via HDMI which will benefit if you ever decide to get an external scaler/deinterlacer

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