Which Hd Dvd Player To Go For ?


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Hi all,

Well after the recent Paramount news I am now keen to get myself an hd dvd player, I am not keen on the 360 add on due to the noise the 360 makes -

please can you recommend which unit(s) offer the best picture and also greatest value ?

Also is it worth me waiting unitl this September..what is on the horizon that I should keep my eye out for...

Are there any current pitfalls I should be aware of ?

any help and advice is much appreciated :)


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greatest value - Tosh HDE1 £179.99 delivered from play.com

if you purchase through quidco.com you get £7.20 back making total cost £172.79 (and 2 free movies if purchased before end of month)


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The E1 or the XE1 seem to lead the way... depends what you want though.

The XE1 has 5.1 outputs so you can connect it to pretty much any amp and get the full HD sounds (well not all of them) and be laughing... it also has a better SD upscaler in it (if that's your bag)

However the E1 is a lot cheaper but in order to get the HD sounds out of it you'll need to connect via HDMI to your amp, optical/CoAx only give the SD DTS/DD etc

So for me, i'd need the XE1 as i watch a lot of SD and also would need the 5.1 outputs.... one thing's for sure, you can't argue with the price from Play!


E1 is 1080i XE1 is 1080P there's also an intermediate model that is 1080p - HDEP-10?


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HDEP-10 yeah seen this one for about £335 delivered. Has this one got the 5.1 outputs?

No it hasn't.

If you want 5.1 outputs, which is the best option for future proof IMO, the only option is the XE1.

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I think I'll be getting myself the E-1 too.
I've got the Onkyo 605 so will connect up via HDMI but as my display is only 1080i the E-1 will satisfy my requirements
Very good player apparantly


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Well it looks like im saving up for XE1 then! My display is 1080P but my amp only has the 5.1 inputs and im not willing to change the amp.
Thanks for the replies:smashin:


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I was looking into getting a new amp with hdmi for my E1 but am now tempted by the XE1 however the newer models due soon sound exciting too wonder what the upscaling etc will be like?? also would like 7.1 hidef audio if the studios ever release anything hmmm strokes wallet!!!!!!!:D

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