which HD camcorder for £500-600? Sony HDR-HC3E?


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Hi guys, wonder if you can help..

I'm looking for a camcorder, and never had one before. I want to use it to film our first child growing up, and also use it when i take my car to trackdays to film in car around the track.

I've seen the Sony HDR-HC3E for sale for £499, and that looks pretty good.

What should I be looking for and do you have any recommendations? I think I may aswell get something HD while I'm at it..


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That has been replaced by the HC5E now but as you say is a good unit.

The Canon HV10 is worth a look at due to its small size (you will be more likely to carry it if it is small and compact) and can be found for £530.

I had a Sony of similar dimensions and found it fitted into a small bag designed for a digital stills camera, so was happy to carry it around, as it never felt like a camcorder on your sholder! I
Both may not have pro features like a socket for an external mic but I bet you, like most, will never use one.

The optical lens stabilisation on the Canon HV10 will come in useful for use in a car!


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HC3 and HV10 are very similar in overall performance, both very good. As was said, the HC3 has been replaced by the HC5 and HC7. Canon has added the HV20 (even better than the HV10, though different shape), but they kept the HV10 as well.

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