Which Harmony for me?


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System layout is as follows:

4x2 HDMI matrix switcher with OPtical 5.1 output
1 output to TV
1 output to Projector
1 input Virgin Media HD STB
1 input KODI media player
1 input PC

1 Optical output to old Sony DB1080 Receiver for Dd/DTS 5.1 (no need for HD Audio)

The Receiver stays on single input permanently and remembers last input before power off so real Harmony only needs to reliably control volume and power/ON/OFF. harmony needs to reliably switch Matrix switcher HDMI inputs and outputs however.

All equipment bar Projector will be in front of couch in the open but will ultimately be hidden in a new cabinet. Projector will be behind the couch.

I can diagnose anything and use all functions of all remotes but the rest of the family can't, so reliability is imperative. Anything goes out of sync when pressing activity buttons and the house will reverberate with my name being called.

Does this 100% reliability requirement mean I should be looking at a HUB with IR Blasters run to the Gear up front and the PJ behind and cello taped over their IR sensors or will a Harmony Ultimate One suffice. if I need a HUB too, how many Blasters does it come with if any and where can I by the rest I'd need.

Can I implement the following activities and can the screen label be descriptive enough for the family to grasp.

Watch TV on TV with TV sound
Watch TV on TV with Surround Sound
Watch TV on PJ with Surround Sound
Watch KODI on TV with TV sound
Watch KODI on TV with Surround Sound
Watch KODI on PJ with Surround Sound
Watch PC on TV with TV sound
Watch PC on PJ with Surround Sound

Can I create a custom list of channel icons that appear on screen for Virgin Media HD box. ie. Only list channels I want?

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