Which hardware would you recommend?



Hi guys

Just about to start getting the equipment rdy for my HCPC, and I will be reusing some parts out of my present tower system. Here,s what I have so far...........

Duron 1200
Leadtek GeForce 4 Ti4200 with TiVo
512Mb SDRam

Now i'm going to buy a new case especially, I was thinking of a coolermaster product, here,s the pic...


the top left pic

This is a mATX case so i,m gonna be getting a new mobo, any recommendations? must be AMD dont mind buying DDR Ram.

Anyway, i,m gonna need to watch TV on it and be able to record on it to, a tv tuner card will be required but i,m not sure which one, also, is there a card out that will allow you to receive the free digital channels through your normal aerial?.

The system will be used to play DVD,s , watch tv/record and play games, all on a JVC widescreen tv without a PC monitor present.

Any tips on what I need, advice to save time and money would be most gratefull.

Thx guys




wrong pic............


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why dont you consider one of the LMP cases, there is a thread aboout them at the top of this forum.



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I agree. I bought that case about 6 months ago...


...and while it's great and looks superb, if I were to buy now I'd look in to the DIGN or LMP cases instead as they are more suited to the task and cheaper.


P.S. Is that "Ti4200 with VIVO" you mean? For TiVo you'll need a TV capture card and software that supports it, e.g. ShowShifter.


Hi guys

Thanks for the replies.

OK the LMP case looks good, with good build quality, however ....

What size mobo does it take, i,m guessing at ATX but could be wrong?

The only DVD drive I know of that is a slot loader is the pioneer, what if I wanted to put in a DVD-RW, I havnt seen any that have a slot loader, although to be honest I havnt looked that hard as yet.

I prefer the idea of having a flip down cover with two drive bays behind, that way I,m not restricted.

But the case does look good, if it had the above I would definately get one, what you reckon the chances of that happening are??




Hi again

Yes I did mean a VIVO, is this any good for HCPC? I also have a Geforce 2 MX 32MB and ATI Rage Fury 32mb lying around gathering dust.



I use a basic Hauppauge capture (£35 ish) card with a Pace DTTV box feeding it s-video. The important thing is to get a card that can be controlled by DScaler (free app used to deinterlace and scale) which requires a Brooktree chipset. I dont think any of the VGA VIVO cards use this chipset - DScaler *really* is good enough to be the deciding facter IMO.

Alternatively Id certainly look at the Win Nova-T (£100 ish) pci card or USB both of which will display and record DTTV directly. Ive heard they had flakey software about a year ago but gave excellent results.
Anyone care to comment?

Tim Cooper

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I have seen the LMP case up close & personal & the build quality is superb & it's an all aluminium affair so it will add to cooling (via heatsink effect) & it does take a full sized ATX mobo (i tried & it fell in.It also has a slot loading dvd player (very sexy IMHO...although i don't get out much :D) it's also made in England (none of this far eastern stuff )Buns will tell you what happened to him with his DIGN case:D......Quality :D
I'm going to get one as soon as i have my PJ mended & my bank balance is back in the black.
I have no vested interests with LMP but suffice to say that Andy Paton (the guv'nor) is a bloody nice bloke, ohh & i'm easily bribed so if Andy reads this.......... ;)
P.S Try to build your HCPC with a Radeon it's the defacto standard & the best quality piccys

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