which graghic card


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how many variation of cards do we need!.
i am looking to buy the pci express nvidea 7600gt, but is this the best option for the money.


thats the card i've currently got, i was going to upgrade to an x1900xt, but decided to wait until they drop the prices.

The 7600GT is fine for BF2 & fear etc at 1280 *1048, with medium to high settings.



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You could wait for the new DX10 cards which are due out soon (maybe).

But yea, most of todays cards (7900, X1900) are pretty good for almost all games.
The only reason you might need a higher end card is if you wanted all the settings at max and also use high resolutions like 1920X1200.


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thanks for your replys,but is there any cards around the price of the 7600gt card that are a better option.
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