Which Gauge Coaxial line to run for HD cable box???



I have to run a new cable line for my HD cable box in my basement. I recently purchased a roll of 18 gauge, 3ghz coaxial. Should I return it for 16 gauge?:confused: Is there a particular brand or type of coaxial that is best suited for running to a HD cable box. I will be running a HDMI from the box to my Panasonic plasma. Thanks for you responses.


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Hi mcb790,

most people here are from the UK, but I might be able to help you.

I am guessing that your are looking extend your fed cable for your incoming cable tv service. If this is the case then the cable you should be looking for is RG6 and prefferably QUAD SHIELD, best manufacturers I have used here in the UK are from Commscope and Beldon.




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Thanks Chris,

Its a know fact that us engineers can't speel. Even brand names can suffer!!!!!

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