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Which game has the most impressive 5.1 sound?


Established Member
Just set up my yamaha 357 amp and connected the 360 via optical. So wondering wht game is best to show it off?


Prominent Member
I find GOW pretty good when cranked up high, you can here the locust all over the shop and the shooting/reloading/speaking makes it like your there.


Established Member
For subtle effects, Border Town map on R6 Vegas. I've spent ages lookin for a crying baby and barking dog to shoot.:D

GoW gets pretty intense when it's cranked up. Not really a 5.1 demo, but the automatic weapons in Crackdown sound amazing, always reminds me of the bank shoot out in Heat:smashin:


Moderator/Games Reviewer
5.1 is something even the original XBOX did really well, so far most 360 games have had a quite high standard of 5.1, If i had to pick one out though it would be GRAW2, not only because the implementation of 5.1 is good with explosions, bullets whizzing past etc but because in middle of all this the orchestral soundtrack will kick in and just take it to the next level, awesome sound on that game!


Established Member
condemend....to scare the :censored: out of you from all directions..
This man has it.

Played countless 360 games and demo's nothing comes close to the way condemned's sounds integrate perfectly for the game. Not just because its jumpy just the quality of it excels. It was the first real time i took notice that we had arrived to the 'next gen' :dd: on the fly since coming from the xbox.

Other honorable mentions for Gears Of War, Crackdown & PGR3.
I would say R6V too. I loved it when you get helecopter rides and when you look out and around the woman briefs you through all 5 speakers depending where you are looking.


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When I first got rainbow 6 I set up all my surround sound properly, I remember in the research labs thes fan noises, well I was walking round my living room trying to find the noise. I listened into the back speaker and there it was, I have been sold on it ever since and wouldn't play games anyother way anymore. But for war its GRAW2 or Rainbow and for just out and out good use of the sound in a game its comdemed.:)

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