Which Freeview Loft Aerial?


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Hi All

I've done a search but not come up with much so would appreciate any recommendations.

Firstly, I know loft mounting is not ideal but it's my only option (my deeds say no external aerials). I live in a flat with a shared aerial which lives in the communal loft which is above the stairwell so very narrow which means the aerial has to look thru both the roof and a wall :nono: There is an amplifier which splits the signal 4 ways. It's a pretty big aerial but has probably been there since the late 80s so won't be wideband. I get very poor results on analogue and only some freeview channels will work.

The signal is badly affected by traffic passing, could this mean the (naff std brown) coax cable is at fault and simply running new shielded cable to the existing aerial would solve my problem? Interestingly the positioning of my fly leed from wall to stb makes a big difference too, this is a quality Profigold cable and I've soldered the aerial coax into the wall plate.

I could put a new aerial into my own loft which will mean it only has to look through the roof rather than the wall aswel. What sort would you suggest? My transmitter is Emley Moor which is 26km away according to DTG.org.uk. Would a cheapo Antiference RX12 (12.9dB gain) do off Ebay for £13 or do I need something bigger/better? If so, what?


Ben :)

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