Which Freeview Box?


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Can anyone recommend a good freeview box? I have noticed that different boxes have different features. I am looking for one that has scart, telextext and auto channel update support. Thoughts, comments much appreciated.

Cheers in advance :beer:



Do you need two scarts, one for VHS or TV?
Do you need an RF mdualator, so you can what tv around the house (old tv without scart)
Do you like good brands?
Are you in a week signal area?

trevor g

hello btitcitchris
the sony vtx- d800 is fantasic 2 scarts optical out digital
text 7 day epg ready and fab picture quality plus stands
vertical or flat stand is included ideal for space saving
i hope this helps you


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Cheers for the replies. I will be checking on signal strength in my area shortly and am researching the boxes. The freeview will only be used in the lounge and no rf modulator should be needed.

Trevor G, are you a sales man for them?!! I am nearly sold! Does it update the channels automatically and how much?!! Oh and what is 7 day epg?




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Pace twin.....It has a hard drive.....you can time shift, record in perfect quality, watch one digital channel while recording another. £188 from http://www.digitaldirectuk.com. Twice the money of some, but ten times the advantages.

2 Scarts - TV & VCR/AUX
3 phono’s (L&R Audio and Composite Video)
9 way D type connector (RS232)
S video connecter
Optical SP-DIF
RF in
RF out

Just luverly.....

Oh, and none of them have 7day EPG (programme guide showing the whole weeks progs) 'cos it isn't being broadcast yet, but Pace will upgrade to it when it comes in.


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Dont think the budget would stretch that far but it sounds tops. Cheers though ;-)


It seems like most will do for you, i would stick to the brands, the sony boxis great, and have the pioneer and its very good aswell

Bernard Barnett

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Netgem also has component out via scart. The only box that does component. I have one and in my opinion it also gives the best PQ (and I've tried most of them).


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Another for the Pace Twin


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BT do an ownbranded equivalent of the netgem box for 64.50 - the 'interactive digital' adaptor is the one you want.

It does component out which would be great if you ever upgraded to having a projector or massive TV.

It has a built-in modem to get the internet on your telly, and it has a USB port so that with the right adaptor you can plug a network cable into it from your PC, and get highspeed broadband on your TV. Or you could plug a memory stick into it and save things you download.

Additionally it has an optical digital audio output as well as 2 scart outputs. And a great picture.

I only got it for the component out, but its great!


The best out are the Goodmas GDB 2/3/4 and the Pace DVTA or the new FTA model, and probably the latest Pioneer box.

Most others have slow EPG and are unlikely to cope with a 7-Day EPG, some even won't be getting it.

Avoid Thomsons/Grundig's and Fergusons at all costs.


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I'd suggest Pioneer DTR-100. Cheap and flexible, with excellent features (including good EPG), two Scarts (inc S Video out on the Video scart - a rarity), and optical digital out. Only real failing is no phono outs, but provided you are connecting to a dedicated amp or hii system, or using a fully wired Scart if listening through a TV, this should not be a problem.

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