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Which format



I've just purchased my first DVD recorder - Panasonic DMRES10 - after good
reviews and recommendations.

Mostly want it for archiving movies from my Fusion FVRT200 HD recorder.
Well it works, but I'm horrified to find that on DVD-R disks (all I've got
at present) the recordings are always in 4:3 ratio. Manual says it can only record to DVD-RAM in 16:9. Is this normal, and if so why?
I thought DVD-RAM was only useable in (selected) recorders, and remains read-write, so its hardly a medium for long term archiving or portability.

Should I return the recorder and buy something else? (What?)

Or should I stock up on DVD-RAM disks (and why do some come in a cartridge - are DVD-RAM disks more fragile?)


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The recordings are still 16:9 on DVD-R. They just don't have the 16:9 flag to automatically put the the TV into 16:9 mode. It can be still be done automatically or use software to put the flag in yourself.


Thanks, I hadn't realised that. Can I change this by writing the DVD-R on my PC, after having recorded the movie on the Panasonic, but before finalizing? And what software can do it - I have Nero 6...



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You cannot play a DVD-R in any other machine other than the one on which it was recorded, until it has been finalised.

The default setting for recording on the Digifusion is 4:3 letterbox. (I checked the manual). This is the one I use to transfer recordings to my Panasonic E85. If they are widescreen I just adjust my TV set aspect.
Normally I use the TV at 14:9 anyway.

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