Which format for replay?


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My computer runs Win XP and I have just started to edit DV video camera footage with Pinnacle Studio 8. So far so good, but have not yet decided which is the best format to replay? I am undecided about VCR or CD. If I go for VCR what format do I need for the tape? Similarly, if I decide to go for CD/ DVD so I can replay on other machines, what is the best type of disc (CD-r CD-RW) and format to ensure compatability? Any guidance and help much appreciated, Thanks, Aitch


I've never used Studio so am unsure of the exact terms it uses, but this is basically what you need to do.

To output to VCR you will need analogue TV output on your PC. Connect the VCR to the ports and then you should have an option in Studio called something like 'export to tape'. You will not need to do any conversion, it will play the video back out to the VCR and stay as an AVI file on the PC.
To put the video on to a VCD you need to convert the footage to MPEG-1. The most reliable disk to use would be a CD-R. If your DVD player is compatable (most are not) then you can get better quality creating a SVCD. This is an MPEG-2 file.VCD will give around 1 hour per CD, SVCD will only give around 15 minutes. To check compatability of your DVD player look Here.
If creating a DVD you will need to convert to MPEG-2. The mostr compatable disks are DVD-R's. Yet again check in the link I gave above.

The above link will also have detailed instructions on useing different programmes to create the disks.

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