Which flush mounted bookshelf speakers to better my Dyn Aud 42Ws? (stereo)

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers' started by Triggaaar, Mar 13, 2005.

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    I'm fitting stereo systems around the house, so bought some Dynaudio Audience 42Ws which I like. I'm not sure whether I should put them in my bedroom, and cheaper speakers in other rooms, or if I could improve on them significantly, and put the Dyns in the other rooms.

    Haven't bought the amp yet, on the basis that I don't know if I'm buying an amp just for the Dyns, or if I should buy something that would match upgraded speakers.

    The speakers need to go in a purpose built wardrobe (should be solid enough, and I can use spikes or pads to isolate). The flush fitting should be a good thing, but I guess rear ported speakers would be a no no - so front ported or sealed box.

    Sound I'm after is detailed, good stereo imaging, make me wanna party - but not too fatiguing (I'm not asking for much).

    Looking second hand, from £300, to £1k if they're great.

    Any ideas appreciated, as always.

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