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I am looking to purchase some new flat cable. It has to be flat so I can run it up walls & colur code it to keep the Mrs happy. I need to do some longish runs i.e. 10 metres

After some research I have found two types at similar prices for 100m reels (£60ish)

A couple of questions if anyone can help

One type of cable is 152 strand & the other is 79 strand OFC. What difference does OFC make i.e. is it better to have more strands or OFC with less strands.

I have 3 main(front) speakers at different distances from the amp, is it best to use identical lengths or does this not make any difference.

My amp is Marantz 5400 ose & my speakers are Bose Accoustimass(yes I fell for the hype & trade in deal but have to live with them now...they do look good!)

All help suggestions appreciated!
Come on peeps someone with more knowledge help me out here.....152 Strand vs 79 strand OFC cable.

After reading the other thread on cable length i'm convinced the fronts have to be the same length.
Thought of trying DNM Reson cable?

It's flat, solid core, and carries bass and treble very well indeed. Use it for all my speakers, and their interconnects for connections between the kit iself.
Richer Sounds do some cambridge audio flat cable with four solid cores. I've used this for ages, and for about £1 per meter I think its very good value.
I bought some Ixos Flat cable from 7oaks.

It has a sticky film on the back so you can stick it to walls etc.

I was a bit sceptical but it worked a treat !

Quite expensive though compared to the one yu have found.

see here : Ixos@HiFi Store

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