Which film would you like Arrow (or one of the other boutique labels) to release?


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Fist of the North Star
This actually does have a semi-ok USA blu-ray release but I would love a glossy limited edition with steelbook, artwork, booklets, supplementary material. Could include the Gary Daniels version as an easter egg.

^^^^ This 1000 times this!!!

Would love to see this but even if it just got the same sort of treatment that Ninja Scroll & Akira received from Manga or like the Special Editions that All the Anime give some of their titles


Jim Di Griz

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The Abyss remastered in 4K would be my top pick. I'd also like to see a 4K release of the Steven Soderberg version of Solaris...not quite as obscure as some of the titles listed here but I haven't owned The Abyss on disc since my special edition Laserdisc so I think I've waited long enough!!
If Arrow can release Pitch Black in 4K then I don't see the problem with Solaris (2002) in 4K!

Jim Di Griz

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The last official release of The Abyss was the non-anamorphic DVD back in 1999, which is insane. The same goes for True Lies, which has also been missing in action for decades. Post 9/11 that made sense, but I think we're ready to watch Arnie fight comedy Arab terrorists again.
All down to Jimmy Cameron I believe. He hasn't got time apparently. Not even during lockdown... :rolleyes:


Freebie & The Bean


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LOTR should be here in October I think.



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If Arrow can do Pitch Black, they can give us a decent all singing, all gun kata-ring version of Equilibrium.

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