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Following my last post http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=116952 I have been thinking.

The advice seems to be that the best way to go is to buy a HD-Monitor eg the pioneer (or wait to the new pioneer comes out) and to buy expansion card +/- scalers.

This is an area that i have not considered before - and seems logical to presume that this way one can add better components and put together an even better plasma.

Just to remind others - I wish to connect a digi-box and 2 dvd players to the plasma - audio not require (have av receiver) nor gaming.

So my questions are:
1. Has anyone else done this and have they been successful in terms of better PQ for sources.
2. Which scaler/ card is the best and why. In which way do these cards improve on the companies own tv/ tuner version of the plamsa.
3. Are there scalers incorporating automatic resizing of the screens.


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Further to the above.

Anyone know if the new panny will accept 3rd party cards as in essence this is what the panny 6 series seems to be doing with own cards (ie sockets without scalers).


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No-one out there that can help? Had 71 view to this post but no comments.


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the story?

Simple story - thinking of buying a plasma for the equipment dvd and digibox. Wanted best picture. Some advice seems to be to buy a monitor plasma and that the pio is a good one as has upgradable card/scalers available which suggestions are may enable one to use a much higher quality scaler and or add a hdcp.dvi port to enable linkage of hidef output dvd players which probably will be a standard in the future.

I was asking if any had experiece with 3rd party cards and were they indeed better than those that come with the plasma.


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I meant for the answer (story) to be posted here for other interested viewers, and not just become a private chat as suggested in the previous post. Or if you do have a chat, maybe you would post the info that you get.


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no problem tried emailing one of the guys on the link above - still waiting for a reply - will let you know when get one.

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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Well I presume it was Joe you emailed and not me...as I haven't received anything.....

I don;t know of any third party card's for Pannies but wouldn't be surprised if Joe knew some as he's IN with those Pannasonic UK folk you know.....

I would suggest though that an external video processor should offer superior performance to that inside any of the current plasma's out there.



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Have you any experience in using the external video processors with the panni or pio screens and if so what results have you had and with which processors. Oh yes and how much are external processors and how do they work exactly - ie do they auto switch etc.

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