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I wish to convert cassette (audio) tapes, VHS tapes and pre-recorded material on DVD discs to the PC. I also have a large collection of 33rpm vinyl discs to convert as well.

In the first instance I have bought an Alesis tape machine for converting the tape cassette material but, the input sound level seems much too high resulting in distorted recordings, so clearly software is needed on the PC to control this. I have Audacity installed but, it doesn't seem to be able to to control the recording level.

So what, please, would anyone recommend in the way of audio or media software which is not exhorbitantly expensive so that I might complete these tasks? I have previous (Win XP - I amnow on Win7) software such as, Cyberlinke PowerDVD5, DVD Express V2.6 & Nero 6.6.

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There should be a slider to adjust the input level (usually line in level). I have a Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS and have recorded stuff from that, and controling the input is pretty easy. Although I did find that I couldn't get a decent level from my turntable by connecting direct to the card and had to put it through my amp with the card connected to tape out to get a decent level. I must stress that I am no wiz when it comes to stuff like this, and just try stuff till it works good enough for me. I did also have a program (Audio Cleaning Lab I think) that "cleaned up" recordings by taking hiss, rumble and clicks out of a recording, there is probably a much better one now, but worth doing. BTW, I haven't actually used Audacity so don't know much about it.


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I found that Audacity works well for this and it does have a slider to turn down (or up) the input somewhere so you can fix the levels. I also found there is no fixing tape recordings! Yes there is a noise removal tool in audacity to take away the hiss, but there is no hiding the lack of sound quality. I never listen to the tapes I digitised. Better to buy the songs or albums again in FLAC.


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