Which e-tailer ships games quickest?



I'm very much looking forward to Saints Row and Test Drive. Who can I buy from to get a couple of days early? Also anyone accept Paypal apart from ebay for games stores!?


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Rhydem said:
Not sure about any of the above for getting them day before release, or release day. I have had problems with Play for release day anything, Amazon are hit and miss but you must pay for delivery to get it quick. No idea about shop-com, never heard of them before.

I would try www.gameplay.com, lot's of AVForums members rate them and you usually get games 1 or 2 days before release. Also there is a new site www.shopto.net which states 99% day after delivery in UK. They also seem cheaper than the rest and there's £3 off your first order. Will probably pre order my TDU from them.



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I've pre ordered TDU from play but am getting worried about their delivery time. I ordered another game from them which was not a pre order (Amped 3) last week and that took 5 days to arrive.

I'm assuming I can cancel my pre order from play - are gameplay doing the bonus car thing?

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