Which DVD's to test surrounds with ? ?

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Hi All,
I have now managed to get my surrounds level to the right level (so I can now hear them), but I need some recomendations of DVD's that make the best use of the surrounds.If you could give an explanation of where in the title I should try and why it is a good test that would also be great.If it is at all possible scenes where the surrounds are used to good effect without to much comming from the front of the soundstage.
Thanks in advance.



Originally posted by Montana
I have now managed to get my surrounds level to the right level (so I can now hear them)
Hi Andy
Have you calibrated with a Sound Meter and Avia/VE?
TBH surround speakers should IMO be almost non existent when watching a film, you shouldn't be hearing (noticing) them all the time!
Remember 90% (figure plucked outta thin air :)) or thereabouts of movie sound tracks are front stage with the rears providing ambient sound, only coming to the fore when the director intends them to.

Personally I use LOTR FOTR for nice rear sound effects, birds singing in the forrest, rock falls echoing in the deep dark places etc :thumbsup:


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'The Abyss' is, IMHO, a good DVD with which to test a system - I think that there's also something on the Dolby website about iusing this particular DVD.


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Two movies that really stand out for me as great test movies are The Fast And The Furious - race scenes are great as the camera pans round the cars; and Shanghai Knights - there's a scene when a gatling gun spins round out of control and the gun fire moves round the speakers.

Hope that helps. :)
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