which dvd upscale and surround system should i get?


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Hi. I'm a bit of a novice in this area. A bit of advice would be great.

I want to upgrade my home cinema/surround system. I've got an entry level lg system at the mo. I've got a hd ready telly too.

I'll prob get a dvd system that upscales to hdmi. will i need a seperate amp for the surround. Are there dvd/amps combinations that upscale that i can get?

I'm happy to just get the units at the mo and upgrade the speakers later. If it does all came as a package I would prefer tall boy speakers.

Also I want to plug my xbox 360 into it to get that through the surround which i think means that it has to have an optical input.

I'll prob look to spend up to £500.

Any ideas? thanks


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Hi there,

There are loads of combinations, and some might obviously suit you better than others :)

I would definitely buy second hand stuff as there is a wealth of good equipment out there at normal prices. Just take a look on the classifieds here on AVF!!

DVD - Denon DVD-1920 outputs HDMI, has all the connections that you might possibly want, has faroujda progressive scan, pic is pretty good too..(upscales, but you will probably find that your TV will do a better job of scaling any picture unless you buy a high end DVD player).

This should cost about £80

Amp - Denon AVR-1806 surround receiver

5.1 or 7.1, has all the inputs that you could need (apart from HDMI.. you will struggle to get this at this price range).

Cost about £140

Speakers - Kef eggs 2005 5.1, great sound, popular choice of small surround speaker for the money.

Cost about £200-300

So this should set you up with a decent little system for about £500. This way you can upgrade the bits from time to time when you have more ££ available.

Alternative would be something like a DENON DHT500SD (about £300-400) which is a good 5.1 DVD/AMP all-in-one package. Good system, but it will be difficult to upgrade any bits at a later date without having to replace the whole lot again!! Plus if something goes wrong, you can't use any of it!! (That happened to me on a similar Sony all-in -one box.... never again)!:rolleyes:

There are loads of options for stuff, I have picked Denon stuff as an example as it's widely regarded as good quality equipment, but there are loads of other manufacturers that might suit you better :thumbsup:



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No it doesn't as far as I know. But it has Component output which is all you'll need really as the picture is very good via this connection. As I said, it is pointless using an upscaling DVD player unless you are using a very good DVD player, as the TV will scale the standard definition 480/576 lines to it's native resolution better than a cheap(ish) DVD player.

Cheap upscaling DVD players are just pure marketing hype to make you think that you need it because you have an HD-ready TV. If the TV didn't scale the picture you would have a small picture in the middle of the screen.

Only on the really good DVD players, or dedicated scaling units do you sometimes get better scaling capabilities.

If you want a cheapy type all-in-one system with HDMI try a Samsung or Sony maybe?

Samsung HT-THX25R
Sony DAVDZ230

If it goes wrong or you want to upgrade you will wish you hadn't bought it.


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cool. i've just seen the sony dav is10 in the sony centre, the one with tiny satelite speakers. it has upscaling, 5.1 and an optical input for the xbox. i think i can get it for £300. think i may go for that.

waddya reckon?


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Yes, that would definitely suit your requirements. They do sound pretty good to for a mini-system. They also don’t take up a lot of space which is a bonus.

As far as 5.1 systems go, I too started with one of the Sony DAV series, bought it the same time as I got a 32” Sony CRT back when LCD tv didn’t really exist, and Plasmas were only for the wealthy. It was good to start with but I later wished that I hadn’t as one of the front speaker channels went. This rendered the system useless, and thus I had to replace the whole lot!! They were £600 then, so I wasn’t impressed.

So, I went back to the separates route where I had started with hi-fi and haven’t looked back. I bought an old ‘Top of the range Sony DVD’ & ‘5.1 Amp’ from the late 90’s and a set of Eltax speakers all for about £250… they [email protected] all over the Sony DAV box in everyway, and were about 5 years older!!

So the answer to your question in my experience is “No don’t do it”…. But on the flip side, if it suits your needs and is what you are really looking for then go for it :thumbsup:

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