Which DVD Recorder?

Peter Baker

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I'm considering getting a DVD recorder. I currently use Tivo and love it, but would like to get a recorder for archiving shows. Ideally, I would get a one with a HDD, as well, and one which is as close as possible to Tivo functionality. I have read that the new Philips comes with a reasonable EPG so think this might be the right one for me, but I have also heard that some have had problems with Philips reliability.
I live in a controlled block of flats, so cannot put up a dish, and am not sure whether Freeview will work. As a result I'm currently on analogue cable.

Are all machines of broadly similar recording quality, or are there real differences. I am not particularly interested in playback as I have an Arcam FMJ27 for that.

One last question. The best quality recording seems to only give one hour per DVDR. Is this likely to change, or is it worth waiting for Bluray for better recording length

Thanks for any input on any of this



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Well my 2p,

Philips DVDR70, no problems at all with reliability. Recording from freeview, there is no discernable difference between 1, 2 or even 2.5 hours, (Pio 504HDE/868/VSXA5) Beyond that grain/artifacts etc, do become very apparent. (868 has no problem playing it's discs either)




(and now apparently 'kin cheap :( at Safeway[£169.99])

Fred Smith

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As a TiVo user for eighteen months, no DVD-R really has TiVo functionality, though those with time slip come closer. Do not know about the new Philips EPG but I hope it is better than the current DVD-R 70 OSD's ( Philips could learn from TiVo and Panasonic).

Recording quality on both my DVD-R's at two hours per DVD is similar and as good if not better than TiVo at Best and as good as original off air, all sources used except analogue aerial.

PS I believe, the DVD-R 70 is now £199.99 at Safeways, maybe someone can confirm, I will have a look tonight, got mine as above price.
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