Which DVD Recorder?


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Hi there,

I am looking to replace my Tosh sd220e with in a DVD recorder.

I have shortlisted the Sony RDR-GX3 and the Tosh D-R1.

Main considerations are DVD playback as well as Recording capability.

I have chosen these two because of coax digital output ( just bought an expensive cable ) and component outputs to connect to my Toshiba 42WH36.

If I run my Sky RGB output into the DVD recorders RGB input (I know the SONY has RGB input, not sure about the Tosh),then record something, can I then play back through the component output?

I will probably not do that much recording, only general TV and sport, but the picture from my VCR on my TV isn't that great so want to improve on this. I am very happy with my Sky picure and assume that the recordings will mirror those especially on1,2 or 3hour settings.

Which is better for DVD playback? Will either of these machines be better for playback than my Tosh sd220e?

Any advice appreciated.




The Sony is overpriced.The Tosh has no RGB input.If you have Sky+ then s-video will do.But if you want RGB input you are restricted to Philips,Panasonic and Sony.


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dr2 out soon, will have rgb in


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The Sony is overpriced.

However, it's playback is stunning and will easily replace many good DVD players.

I'd wager it'll be better than your 220. It is better in every way than the 330 and easily the equal of my DVPNS900.


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I have seen the Sony for £299.00 in multiregion form. Is that overpriced?


No-thats pretty good,but the list price for Sony machines is always too high.I suppose the time will come when they will see sense and there won't be enough suckers prepared to pay over the odds just because its Sony.
The price drop may well be down to the fact that new Sony models are on the way soon.
But will they add full feature editing to their DVD+ section?
With the Pioneer recorders paving the way for full feature and editing compatibility,with Timeslip etc,I can no longer see the use of a dual format machine,unlike the time when the original Sony was released.
If they deprive -RW of its full featured Pioneer version,then Sony buyres will lose out again.
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