Which DVD recorder and format?


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Aug 13, 2001
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I want, nay need, to buy a dvd recorder. But which one?

2 pals are buying standalone models, the first is buying the Philips 880 DVD+R/RW machine, the other a Pioneer -R/RW.

I am in 2 minds about buying a standalone or pc unit, the Pioneer A04 -R/RW or the Ricoh +R/RW.

So which do I go for? I need compatibility with Toshiba, Samsung and Cyberhome players and an Asus DVD-Rom drive on my pc, Firewire is a must for mini-dv camcorder editing, and reliability is a must.

Do standalone players let you ecord in the tv format of your choice; ie pal, ntsc? If not then a pc model seems the best.

Any views or advice welcome.
The format depends on what you intend to use it for.

Each format and reecorder has distinct competitive advantage over the others but each advantage will depend on your priorities.

For example If PVR functions are important then a DVDRAM/-R standalone player is best. DVD+RW and DVD-RW dont offer time slip.

If Non linear editing for DV camcorders is required then a HDD and DVD-R would be best meaning either a pricy standalone or a PC.

If price is an issue then go for the DVD+RW but you may have compatability problems.

List your requirements in terms of priorities plus budget and it will be easier to make recommendations
I have some questions in this regard too.

I'd like to record shows from TV and then convert to AVI or DViX on my PC. Which type of recorder would be best?

If I record on DVD-RW or DVD+RW will me PC DVD drive be able to read either or both formats?

What format do these drives record in? Is it a standard MPEG-2 format which is easily readable from A PC using standard viewers like Windows media player?
aris your cheapest option is a TV capture card if all you want to do is get a show on the PC and convert to Avi. why bother witrh a DVD recorder.

As regards compatability with other DVD players I think DVD-R is the most universal (around 85%). DVD-RW is less compabatable. www.vcdhelp.com tells you wich players play which format. DVD+RW is even less compatable (but currently has a cost advantage/availability advantage with players) and DVD RAM is the least compatable but most new DVD RAM drives burn DVD-Rs as well. DVD RAM has many advantages because its Random access. Shouldnt be written off as the only 2 camcorders that record direct to DVD are DVD RAM. Also best selling japanese DVD recorder is a DVD RAM/-R and HDD recorder. This months Home Cinema Essentials had a good artical on future of recordable DVD

As regards standard formats. Standalone players record in mpeg2 and DD2.0 for sound. If you are recording on your PC then it depends on your software.

It should be easily readable if you record on a standalone player and play back on a PC as long as your DVD ROM is compatable with the standalone polayer you pick.

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