Which DVD players now have DVI or HDMI`


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I know that the Denon A11 does and so do the Pioneer 668 and 868 but which other do.


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Marantz DV4300 has DVI-D; should get it for around £200. I believe some Samsung players also have dvi...If you find others I'd be interested...


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nice one Messiah; any comment on difference in PQ between DVI and component? (I'm new to this sport).



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Have a read of fulabeer's S3 thread in the video forum. I think tbrar and gandley may have also contributed with some good stuff.

basically, via DVI the image is sharper, noise free with better colours. Overall it's just more vibrant and an overall better pic (generally anyway). My HTPC via DVI is quite a lot better than my Tosh SD900E via component. DVD player still wins though due to ease of use but hoping to get one of the DVI/HDMI players soon (probably the new Tosh although may succumb to the 868i or A11 before then :) )


The 4300 does not but does have component with progressive scan (Pal and NTSC)


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I'm not sure but look at this link: http://www.unbeatable.co.uk/CatalogueItem_15770.html

The DV4300 is an outstanding player ....[snip]
DVI-D Output x1
Component Video Output x1
S-Video Output x1
Composite Video Output x2


sorry if I've given you a bad steer; just relying on the above...

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