Which DVD player?


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I want to upgrade my 1st generation Pioneer region 1 player to a latest multi-region player.
Can anyone offer advice on players with component video outputs.
I don't need progressive scan just reliable good quality performance and excellent pic quality.
I was told Toshiba have component video outputs but are there any others?
I don't want another Pioneer because of the irritating lip sync problems they all seem to have.


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Depends how much you really want to spend

From alot of threads on here the Toshiba SD220 is hard to beat for its price (£139 from Richer sounds or dvdplayers.co.uk)

IIRC i don't think Pioneer still have the lip sync problem with the new players and i have seen some good reviews of the latest models such as the DV454

I am sure if you give a price range, then it would be easier for people on here to give you a suitable recomendation

Does it have to have component outs?


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Component outs and muti region are a definate because I'm hooking up to an i-scan pro line doubler and crt projector.
I reckon no more than £300.00.
Is the Tosh a muti region or do you have to hack it?


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If you can spend upto or around £300 and need component video then the following machines definitely have it:

Toshiba SD420 & SD520
Pioneer DV656-A
Sony DVP-NS900V

All of these fall roughly within your budget, you can see the specs for all here

Apart from these you are looking at the more expensive players such as

Denon:- DVD 2800 MkII, DVD3800
Pioneer:- DV747-A

But these all cost quite a bit more, though you could probably find cheaper places if you shop around


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thanks very much, I'll check them out.


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I've checked out list from Holtehero above and I like the Tosh 520.
However one problem I would like clarification on is:
The 520 incorporates prog scanning but I will be using i-scan pro line doubler which also takes care of prog scanning.
Is this going to be a problem or can I suspend the function on the 520 to leave the i-scan working.
Any help please

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