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    I have an Hitachi wide screen TV.
    Telewest Cable box.
    Standard Video Player.

    First I'm looking to buy I new DVD player, I was looking at the "Sony DVP S735D" which I'm not too worried about spending my money, but I can see the point of paying for the decoder when I plan to buy a sepearte decoded?

    Obiviously if I had the DVD player with digital decoder then I would not be able to put my video, tv or cable sounds into it so whats the point ?

    Should I just buy the "Sony DVP 336" or am I lossing out on picture quality if I do that ?

    Not quite sure what to do now, I've got a feeling that if I bought the "Sony DVP S735D" I would only be using the Optical Digital out for sound as the Souround Sound box I'm getting takes up to three digital inputs.

    Any help will be very much appreciated

    Andrew Scotford
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    A common mistake is to assume that you are paying more for the decoder.
    In fact EVERY player has the decoder built in (to provide a downmix fur users without AV amp) but the difference is that the player you mentionen has the analog outputs (5.1) of the decoder on the back (6x RCA/phono).
    Just ignore it, sure it will be redundant when using an AV amp/receiver with DD/DTS decoding but what the heck ... !?

    BTW: Have you noticed that usually only the higher speced models have the decoder output?
    Quite contradictory to the fact as they usually will be partnered with an AV amp/receiver.
    Similar goes for AV amps/receivers: try to find a good one which only comes with 5.1 input. Hardly possible, only the lowest end of the budget machines do so and then you miss out on other important features and sonic performance.

    As for players you should check out Toshiba models, excellent picture (used to have one myself) and the new models do pretty well with CD-Audio (finally), too, according to the latest reviews - see HCC mag for example.

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