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    I downloaded the trial versions of winDVD and all the others when I first built my shuttle a few months ago. Unfortunately I was faffing around so much siting my projector and wiring it all up i didn't really get chance to give them a good whirl before they expired. Now I've got things working properly I need to actually buy one. what's the current feeling on which one is best for picture quality, ease of use etc. I've got a JVC 17" LCD for regular use and a HS10 for films, big games etc.

    One other point - I'd like to use the pc to do surround sound decoding for the moment (the regular HiFi speakers at the front, a pair of something small at the back, no centre or sub for the moment). Do any of the DVD players do this decoding too? I know this isn't the best quality solution, but it will have to do for now.

    One final query re Powerstrip. I've set it to output either 1280x768 to the LCD tv or 1366 x 768 to the HS10. But I don't seem to switch easily between them using the Alt-F5 key. I have to reset the projector to 1024x768, which the projector and TV can both display, then press Alt-F5 switching displays to the TV, then change the resolution back to 1280x768. Does anyone know if there's a way to set up Powerstrip to switch resolutions as it switches displays.


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