Which DVD Player with Panni TH42PW6B


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Display - Panansonic TH42PW6B (Still to buy)

My current DVD player is a Limit 9900se, which I want to replace with a new player. I have been looking at the Pioneer DV-668AV.

Is this a suitable player for the screen? Any other recommendations?

I have had 2 Pioneer players in the past and they both performed really good.


Edited - Wrong Panasonic model number!


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This will work very well, however I believe the no.6 plasma doesn't have hdmi input so a little bit of tech being wasted there.
The tosh 900e is only £500 and is still a stunning player, why not go see.



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What about a conversion cable, ie DVi (Panny) to HDMI (Pioneer)

Terminal board required for the panny or would component will be OK?


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I have just this morning picked up a Pioneer DV-668AV to partner my new 42PW6.....connected up using component in progressive mode looks great.....still need to have more of a play, but first impressions are good. Replaced an older Yamaha DVD-S795.


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Can the screen and dvd be connected via the HDMI (DVD) and DVI (Screen) conversion cable?

The screen will have the DVI card onboard.

Is it worth the hassle?


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hi fella,
just reading your post.
i was just curious on why you dont wait for the panny pw7?
the panny trade show is in two weeks time in london and i'm told that the new screen with come into the market in apprix 6-7 weeks after.
i'm told its worth the wait,because pioneer has stolen the lead and panny wants to make a large comeback.


I use the pioneer 757Ai (pal progressive)with my pw6 .
set it up using DVE .
picture quality is in my opinion superb.


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I can wait for a couple of months, by then the house should be finished, ie decorating, flooring, etc.

Any details on the Panny 7

Pioneer 757 is a great player, I have seen it in action.


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TRade show is for account holders only so if you dont have an account you dont get in. I will be going but dont expect a huge difference for some idea loook at new Fujitsu non Alis scrrens as they are panny 7 glass 42" IIRC


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Mr Dragon,

Any other info on the panny 7, ie screen res, connections, etc.

Can u keep us posted after the show?


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the show is at the marriot hotel outside heathrow airport.
i think its on around the 14th-15th of this month.
but our dear honeydragon is right,its for traders ONLY.


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I wouldn't be suprised if you end up waiting till around July at the earliest for the new 42" SD Panasonic display and by then what about the new Pio 435/Fuji 40 etc... waiting for the newest can sometimes workout well but most of the time you end up not getting anything as there is always something new on the horizon....

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