Which DVD player to upgrade from a Pioneer dv-370?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by monkey_boy, Mar 5, 2005.

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    I am currently using a Pioneer dv-370 and was thinking of upgrading to something like a Denon 2900 or Pioneer 757 or Arcam dv78. I am using this DVD player with a Toshiba 57” rear projection TV (can’t remember the model number but is quite new with progressive scan) and a Pioneer vsx-av3 with 7.1 MS THX speakers.

    I think that the dv-370 might be letting this system down a bit as they are only about £70 new these days. I was wondering if I would notice a big difference with this upgrade as I have not had any experience with higher spec DVD players and am not sure if its worth paying the extra cash.

    Also I’m not sure witch DVD player would make the best upgrade? I am currently thinking that the Denon 2900 might be the best but not sure at all. They all seem to get good reviews.

    Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks. :)

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