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Which DVD-Player to get in the price range €150-200 ?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by driesel, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. driesel


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    I'm lookng around on the net comparing all kinds of DVD-players, but the specs are driving me mad.
    Some support Divx and some don't but the ones with Divx-support don't support DVD+RW with Divx files for exemple :eek: !
    I want my future DVD-player to feature these important things:

    DVD +/-R/RW (as many formats as possible)
    CD-R/RW support for MP3's (unfinalized cd's?)
    Divx/Xvid support (preferably on DVD+RW !!!)
    (S)VCD playback
    lack free images and video
    region free operation
    Coaxial digital-output

    I believe the Samsung DVD-HD745 is a very good choice whilst featuring all above. But I am not 100% sure, because I don't know that it can handle Divx on DVD+RW or how good the image quality is. Can anyone tell me this?

    I'm looking in the price range €150-200 (which is about £92-123, I think).
    Or is there a better option than the Samsung?
    Does the Samsung lack something quite important or is it the best buy?

    with kind regards,
  2. Ged

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    Apr 29, 2002
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    Alot of the lower priced player SEEM TO BE one and the same, some have even had their firmware flashed with another brands.
    Regarding choice, the Pioneer 575 appears to be the favourite. I have the Yamaha S550 in the bedroom, it claims multi disc playback and all the other bells and whistles they need these days. Multiregion is a simple handset hack, newer firmware together with hacked firmware for DIVX is available.
    I don't use DIVX, only because I wouldn't Know where to start but I am happy with it, robust with burnt media.
    Only gripe is the neccessatiy to hit play twice for disc resume.

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