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I have a Panasonic PT-AE700E and Acoustic Energy AEGO P5 MKII. I now need to find a DVD player capable of making the most of this set up. I am currently using a Sony RDR-GXD500 which turns out to only be capable of 625i (PAL non-progressive) via its component output and gives a very flurred picture when compared to my TV.

I would value your recommendations - either for a specific DVD player (ideally without a surround decoder, as I have the AEGO P5 to do that) or for any recommendations as to what standard works best for the AE700 (i.e. 720p or 1080i, etc).

Thank you.


The Denon 1920 seems to be getting good reviews from people who have bought them which had HDMI and can do 720P. I still think the Panasonic S97 is a fantastic player, on par with the 1920 it seems, better in some areas, worse in others.


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I've got an Oppo 971 hooked up to my AE700 via a DVI-HDMI cable. Very happy with the results. I watch it at 720p but it can also handle 1080i. Really gets the best out of the Panny.


Thanks for the advice so far - Denon 1920, Panasonic S97 or Oppo 971. Is there a summary of good/bad points of these players available?
I want to compare:
- if to use Component vs HDMI
- which player has better picture quality

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