Which DVD player is the best for around £100?



Hello! :hiya:

We have a Philips LCD HDTV-ready TV and want a dvd player that will give us good picture quality.

Do we want progressive scan and upscaling capabilities? (Our TV does have HDMI connectivity.) Or is all that a red herring?

Our budget is around £100.

Please advise because I know nothing about all this! :rolleyes:

Thanks to you all! :)


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Toshiba 350 (HDMI - not seen it but seems to get good reports, and it's cheap)

Pioneer 575 - great machine for £100, not HDMI but fantastic component PQ.

Samsung 850/950 - some people like these, but I'm not one of them.

Don't worry about upscaling too much, your TV does that...PJ


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This is very interesting. I was just looking at getting a new DVD player but didn't know what to go for.

The original poster said their TV is HD, and should they get a player with upscaling abilities. It was then said that this wasn't needed as the TV does the upscaling. Is this the same for all HD TVs? If so, what is the upscaling on the DVD player for?

Would I be able to use a player that did upscaling on a standard CRT TV and notice any difference?

Sorry to sound stupid but I wasn't aware you didnt' need an upscaling player for an HD TV.....


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Some internal TV scalers are not as good as those found in DVD players.

Mid/High end DVD players tend to have better scalers than those available within TV's.


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chuckalicious said:
If so, what is the upscaling on the DVD player for?

To confuse people and make them spend money!

It is possible that an upscaling player will look better, but it's just as possible that it won't look as good. Partly depends on how much the player is of course. High end players should look great.

But why would a player costing 10 or 20 times less than the display necessarily have a better scaler?



Thanks for your replies, guys! All very helpful. I will check out the suggested machines. :)

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