Which DVD player for Panny PV500?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Hiran, Jul 6, 2005.

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    Hiya. I am new to this forum site. I have recently purchased a Panasonic Th42PV500 (ebay winner!!) and wanted to hook it up to a dvd player which shall give the best pic quality on the panny screen. The plasma came with a free panny dvd recorder (DMRES10) but it doesnt have a HMDI output to go with the screen. I have read all the reviews about the dvd recorder and suggests the player is excellent. But how good is the pic quality? I shall not be using it to do too many recording so i rather have a player that is dedicated to picture quality only. I have been reading the forum and magazines and the Samsung HD945 comes across to a good budget player with HDMI (replaced by the HD 850). What I would really appreciate knowing is from any panasonic DMRES users on how good the pic is compared to a stand alone dvd player? What dvd should I purchase to go with my PV500. I dont want to spend above £200 (wanna wait for HD DVD to come out!!). I want the best pic quality and think that HDMI might be the way to go. Please advice. If you recommend another dvd player then please suggest. I have been also considering the Panny S75 - but have been put off by the xtra twiking required to get the perfect pic. So shall i stick it out with the recorder EMRES10 or go for the Samsung S850 or any other? I will really appreciate any advice given. Many thanks in advance
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