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    I am a newbie on this forum so please forgive the queries which may appear really simplistic to many of you.

    I have just recently purchased a Sony 40" LCD TV A Bravia W2000. I am told it is a 1920 by 1080 screen whatever that means but I am told it gives a clearer picture that the average.

    Anyway I would like to build a home system around it, taking into acocount that I have also a good (I think) stereo system whioch i owuld like to incorporate if I can.

    My old DVD player is a budget Toshiba SD 210 (6 years old and which at the time was recommeded). I do not have any AV receiver as I sold my Marantz SR4200 recently.

    So my queries are:

    1: Would I get a significant improvement if I change my DVD to an HDMI one like the Philips 5980 (1080p) Bythe way what does 1080i and 1080p mean and does it make any difference with the Sony TV?

    2: What would people recommend in terms of sound system? should I get an HDMI receiver such the Sony 1200?

    3: is it possible to incorpoarte my stereo preamp and power amplifier into an AV system?

    Once again, I am grateful for your patience and for any advice

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    You should notice a sharper dvd picture with a sub £100 HDMI player as against your old Tosh.In laymans terms 1080p is "potentially" the most detailed screen but not necessarily in reality.
    It's a pity you got rid of the Marantz receiver.It's possible to incorporate your pre amp and power amp but imo very expensive way to go.Remember ,I would imagine ,within 2 years we will be upgrading to some kind of a HD player and we will also need a new receiver that will allow us to decode the new HD surround sound so I would buy a £300 surround receiver to tide you over for the present or even a cheaper 2nd hand one.
    Hopefully someone better informed will add to or subtract from my advice

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