Which DV? Sony TRV30 or JVC GR-DVL357

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    hi there,

    i am looking to purchase a DV cam as i am planning a trip to europe and would like to film it and edit it (on PC) as professionally as possible.

    after much research i have found two models that interest me. the SONY DCR-TRV30 and the JVC GR-DVL357. these two cams seem to have similar specs but the JVC is 550 pounds and the SONY is 995 pounds. would i just be paying an extra 400 pounds for the SONY name or is it a much better camera?

    Basically i am looking for a high end camera that allows me full creativity for shooting short films but also the size to travel with. i don't want to spend more that 1000 pounds and thought that if the quality of these two cams was similar, i should go for the cheaper option and have money left over for an editng package and accessories.

    i would be most grateful for any help:)
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    Well according to What Camcorder, the JVC 357 is the same as the 557 but with a 2.5 inch LCD screen thather than a 3 inch LCD screen.
    So if you compare the reviews of the 557 and the Sony TRV30 on the What Camcorder website.
    In terms of specification, there are differences, and you'll have to weigh up the pros and cons of those for yourself. Both camcorders got similar scores in the reviews. The Sony did win Camcorder of the year.
    Personally I would go to a camcorder shop and take a look at both and see which you prefer in terms of looks, feel, features and most importantly, picture quality.

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