Which dual HDMI out amp?


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Hi, thanks for reading this.

I want to upgrade my equipment - first time in many years!
I have an ancient Yamaha 3090 (doesn't even do DTS!) which I've had since new and wish to replace it.
I need an amplifier with twin HDMI outs (tv and projector) don't need more than 5.1 (no room for all the speakers) or MW of audio power, neither am I that interested in DSP modes.
Would like to keep it for as long as I've had the 3090 if poss, so HDMI 1.4?

I have a number of HDMI devices so a surplus of HDMI inputs would be nice - min 4, 6 would be a plus.

I've had a bit of a look around but am unfamiliar with what's available, so I'm being slightly lazy and asking what amps people are aware of and what's worth a look or even if there's something on the horizon to wait for.
I'd prefer to keep costs the right side of £1000 ukp...

Two models I looked at in Richer Sounds Onkyo TXNR1007 (£800), Yamaha RXV3900 (£900). Both are dual output, but both are only HDMI 1.3 (which I believe precludes 3D TV? And like I said I'd like whatever I bought to last for a while...) The Onkyo claims firmare upgradability - but looking on their website this doesn't seem to expand to upgrading the HDMI firmware to 1.4 - does anyone know if this is likely to be even possible?

Thanks for your help.


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Not having 1.4a HDIM does not preclude HDMI but will limit your choice of players. This is because some of the Panasonics are going to have 2 HDMI outputs with one 1.3 to go to the reciever for audio and the other a 1.4a to go to the TV. Hence you could still get 3D TV if you wanted.
What speakers do you currently have? Since you have a Yamaha and presuming you like the sound it may be better to stay with Marantz/Yamaha/Denon brands as these are all warm. The Marantz 6004 is getting a lot of love at the moment as a great reciever for the price but not sure about the 2 HDMI outputs (although a HDMI switcher on a single output couold achieve what you are looking for in this respect). The Yamaha 3900 is also a good reciever and currently at a good price too. If you want to go for an Onkyo then I would demo it as they have a different tonal sound to what you are used to so may not work well with your current speakers or may not be to your taste.

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