Which DSP to buy?


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Hi there

I have just moved into a flat and the shape of the lounge won't allow for my 'proper' 5.1 surround system. Basically, the sofa is right up against the wall, facing the plasma - hence no room for the surround speakers. So, I think a DSP might be the answer.

For some time I have been aware of the DSPs out there but never really needed to give them much thought.

Currently 'rear speakerless', I am looking for a decent DSP. I have read countless reviews of the Yamaha YSP900 et al, and have also glimpsed the Denon DHT FS3 (which looks mighty fine).

I would like the system to also provide at least very good quality music playback (for the parties etc.).

Judging from the many reviews, the Denon would appear to be the answer (the Yamaha not being able to reproduce good music quality).

Money is not a particular issue.

Can anyone offer any advice?


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Are you sure you can't have 5 speakers?
My room sounds very much like yours and I have 3 full size speakers across the front and two small rear speakers mounted at the rear corners on the side walls facing towards the sofa.
In reality few people have sufficient space to mount the rear speakers actually behind them.
A stylish and elegant solution requiring little space at a bargain price can be had from Orb Audio. Check out www.orbaudio.com.
I'm sure something like this would sound much better than the one box solution you're considering.


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Nope. Definitely can't have 5 speakers.

Even if I did, they would have to be wireless (which my current ones are).

It's definitely a projector I need - one that can also produce good quality sound for music.


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I had already read your review and found it useful, thanks.

It would appear that the Denon is the one for me. I can't track down anything better.

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