Which DSLR camera that can work with the Ronin S Gimbal & have mic attachments too.


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Jan 29, 2002
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Hi All, I'm after some advice please. At present for ground work I use a DJI OM 4 Combo 3-Axis Gimbal and my iPhone 12 Pro and GoPro 9. So far it's worked well but I accept I will need to upgrade my ground work equipment. Can anyone recommend the next step please? I was looking at the Ronin S Gimbal and an entry level decent camera that works well with it. I've heard good things about the Canon EOS 5D (Mark 5 out my budget, Mark 3 or 4 any good) but open to suggestions, also be good to use it with a mic attachment for when doing interviews, budget wise I'd say around £500 give or take but if there is one that will do what I need for £300 happy to pay less of course, any advice appreciated thanks.
After my experiences I would check what camera Ronin claims works with their gimbal. If they don't have a list, email them for one or ask if the cameras you are looking at work. If you've found a gimbal that works with your Iphone it might be cheaper to upgrade that?
i have been tempted to get the webill S gimbal for my mirrorless Sony camera.

I think your confusing the the canon R5 with a 5D mark 5 as the later doesnt exist.

you need to decide if your going DSLR or Mirrorless first.

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