Which drivers on your Elonex Artisan.


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I'm interested to know what Catalyst drivers are being used by Artisan owners.

I've spent the day trying to get Catalyst 5.10 and 5.7 (the newest and oldest, respectively, on the ATI site) to work, without any joy. The result of both is NO image at all. The Artisan is booting successfully into Windows - I know because I am able to blindly navigate into LiveTV, Standby, Restart and Shut down using the MCE remote!

I have now rolled back to 5.3 - the original setup.

Tech Support have told me that 5.7 should work, but they haven't tested 5.10 yet. So, what are you using and does it work?

PS. Later on I updated the Nova-T to hcw21 and MCE to Rollup 2 - so far so good :smashin: .


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I have MCE rollup 2, ATI Catalyst 5.10 and Hauppauge build 23227 on top of hcw21 for the Nova-Ts. I have uninstalled Catalyst as it is unusable with my screen resolution (848x480) but the underlying drivers as those with 5.10.

I get slight picture jumps every few minutes (not at precise intervals though) but otherwise I'm pretty happy with the pictiure quality.

My main gripe is the unreliability (compared to Sky+). I seem to lose channel signals about once every couple of weeks. Recordings don't fail (nothing in event log). I just find out when I try to watch that the blue No Signal screen appears part way through. It's so irregular and could be caused by so many factors that I have little confidence I'll ever get to the bottom if it.


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I have Catalyst 5.10 installed no problem.
(using Hauppage 150 MCE Single analog in my artisan)

I've incrementally installed the latest version since about 5.7 I think.

FYI No rollup 2.


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What screen do you use and how is it connected?

I'm using DVI to the Tosh - I don't understand why 5.7 & 5.10 wont work for me :confused: .
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