Which do I replace - my faulty hard-drive or firewire card?


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I have recently bought a Firewire 800 PCI card from Maplins and a Lacie D2 Extreme external drive to connect to it and back up to. The problem is when I connect the drive to the card via Firewire 800 I keep getting write delay errors, after half hour or a couple of minutes, which prevent me from backing up.

The drive also lets me connect to the computer via USB2 which I have done and I get no problems backing up using this connection. So is my Firewire 800 PCI card faulty, and therefore producing the write errors, or is it my Lacie D2 drive?

And which should I replace?

Thanks, Val


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I've done a bit of searching on the 'net and it seems this is a known issue (write delay error). Found a lovely long forum post about it here:


Tried some of the fixes in it and "voila" I managed to back up my hard-drive to the external Lacie Hard-drive via Firewire 800.

I'll try again tomorrow but as each backup takes around 2 hours and I need to use the computer I can't verify the result until tomorrow.


EDIT: Tried it a further 2 times. Seems it's fixed now :)

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