Which Digital PJ to replace CRT?


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Hi all,

I'm considering swapping out my Barcodata 808 for a digital PJ because the size is becoming a real factor now not to mention the setup issues, I really need to get smaller model.

Which digital PJ will likely better this for picture quality?

The barcodata 808 is an 8" CRT with Electromagnetic focus and dynamic astigmatism, so its a good CRT.

My budget is £5000 max but would prefer less than £4000 if its possible to top the barco picture for this money.

Just a quick note:

I have demoed the Sanyo Z2, Sony HS20, NEC HT1000 and SIM Domino 2, all provided a picture that was still a way off from the CRT I've become acustom too. So I'm guessing that I'm needing to demo projectors in the next price bracket ie. £4000 - 5000.


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This is a list of the negatives I found with each projector

Z2 - poor blacks, unatural colours, image artifacts on fast motion (smearing), lack of detail in dark areas

HT1000 - Rainbow and screen door, average blacks, pixellated look to the image

HS20 - average blacks

Domino - average blacks

With the exception of the HS20 and Domino all the above just weren't smooth enough in image reproduction, the HT1000 was the worse.

Would something like a Sharp XV10000 or SIM HT300 be a better choice?


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TBH, I doubt that you will see a really significant improvement in blacks from any of the current DLP units compared to the DLP projectors you've already seen. Maybe someone who's done a direct comparison can comment. I suspect you may have to keep your CRT a bit longer and wait for the next wave of digital projector technology to arrive. You're only current hope might lie in the Sharp 12k, Marantz S3 bracket.

You're findings with the HT1000 are surprising. I actually own a HT1100 and find that the image smoothness (in a high resolution sense) is a tremendous asset of this projector and I wouldn't have thought it was much different to the HT1000 in this respect. The HT1000 has always had a very good reputation and often characterised has having a certain smoothness. In this respect, it should be very similar to the Domino, yet you have the HT1000 as worst in your list and Domino as best. Is it possible that something was not set up quite right with your demo ?



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I have to agree with Allan on the NEC - it is simply the best DLP under 5 grand, and I would also go to say that the HT1100 was a marked improvement over the 1000 too! If you can, consider seeing the NEC again since it really is a fantastic projector and may have not been setup in the best way.

The only other model I can think of in this range is the Epson TW500 - now this is an LCD and so will only have the kind of blacks the Sony has... but in terms of smoothly drawing the image it is more than competent! It was launched on Friday so should be in a demo room near you soon (priced between the Sony and NEC IIRC).

If you do need to go up a price bracket I think it will need to be quite a jump - currently the Marantz S3 and Digital Projection iVision are making the most noise in the industry (I think the S3 has the better black levels BTW).


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The immersive virtuoso I saw at the Event had an impressive picture ..unfortunately for me it rainbowed.


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I can't say the black levels are exceptional, but the infocus 5700 and 7200 have plenty of smoothness, and no rainbows for me at any rate.


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A bit out of budget, but the new SIM2 HT300's have better blacks than the Domino. Problem is I have not seen ANY DLP or LCD which can match the deep blacks on a well setup CRT (admitted I have only seen 1 CRT!).

Incidently I have seen the HT300 Xtra for £7500 at SevenOaks, I don't know if Jeff [RTFM](www.projectorsareus.co.uk) has any in, but I seem to remember he sometimes gets second hand units - but still may be a bit out of your budget even if you feel the blacks are better. Jeff is a top bloke, very knowledgable and often contributes here.


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A bit over budget digital vision HD is tiny and image impressive! reviewed in last months WHF S&V IIRC (could be this months)


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Thanks guys,

I'm going to try and demo the HT300.

I'll also try to see the HT1100.


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I have just replaced my BD808s with a Runco CL-710 (HD2), and I think 'fulabeer' replaced his BD808s with a Marantz S3 (HD2+). I don't think anyone argues that any current DLP has a picture "better" than a CRT, but I have to say I'm over the moon with mine.

Other factors became more important in my setup (like size, setup, noise and servicing), so I went with DLP.

Also consider this:- we had around 30 friends and family around a couple of weeks ago, who have all been familiar with my CRT setup over the past year. The only person in my house who didn't think the DLP picture was "better" was me...



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