Which Denon should I get.. 886,3805

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    Im very new to all this and am just finishing my first little home theater. I cant make up my mind on which one of the denons to get. First off the 886 is in the price range I wanted to be in, but if the 3805 is that much better for me then Id have to go that way. I went to Denon's site and looked at the little comparison sheet on the 3806 and the 886. I know the 3806 is the newer model and has some new features the 3805 doesn't, but it was the closest comparison I could find. The 3806 is able to be set up by a PC. Is the 3805 also capable of this and if so whats the benefit of that versus how the 886 is set up ? The 3806 has the new Audyssey multi pos setup with the mic.
    The 3805 and the 886 have the same single point set up with mic right? The power difference in the 3805 and the 886 will probably not make any difference to me because my room is just 300 sq ft. Im so confused. I guess my question is what am i getting for spending an extra $300? If anyone has any other brand and model recomendations im open for those. Ive been looking at the Denon's b/c everthing ive read and people ive talked to Denon seems to be the most respected. Sorry for the book Ive written and thanks for any response.

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