Which DDR2 is better?


The 5-5-5-18 & 4-4-4-12 numbers are the CAS Latency and the lower the numbers the better (faster) the RAM. But tbh the difference is going to be small and therefore I would not worry too much about lower latency and just go for the better or cheaper RAM depending on your personal preferences.

I see the Corsair RAM is the slower & more expensive of the 2, but in my experience I have never had any issues with Corsair. I have never used Patriot and it may be equally as good or even better.



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Mark is correct in my opinion.
For any given speed (ie. 800 or 1066 mhz) the timings at those speeds will make little or no real world difference.
If your machine is encoding video 24/7 there may be some time saving that will make tighter (lower) timings worth it, but probably not.
Speed makes a greater difference, but even then less than having a faster CPU, GPU or hard drive (depending on your intended tasks).
When it comes to RAM, QUANTITY is king.
If you have a 64bit OS I cannot recommend 6GB+ enough, it made such a difference to 2GB, and noticeable though less difference to 4GB.
The Dominator RAM (or any heatsink-ed as opposed to heat-spread) is a good choice. I'm running 8GB (4x2GB) of Dominator 800Mhz C4. However if I wasn't doing mostly video work I would have gone with the same but C5.





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thanks rjmehra looks like the corsair 4gb kit it is for me. just ordered a set as seemed the best for warranty cheers :thumbsup:

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