Which CRT has best picture quality?



Dear TV enthusiasts,
I want to buy a widescreen CRT - 28 or 32 inch, under £500. This will be mainly to watch PAL and NTSC DVDs (routing the sound through my hi-fi) and the only thing I care about is picture quality: the sharpest detail, most vibrant colours, strong deep blacks and genuine brightness to gleams of light. This is why I want CRT - I've never seen an LCD or plasma that comes close. So far I'm thinking about the Toshiba YT56. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks so much!


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I'm not too much 'up' on CRTs anymore, but I never had any problems with my Panasonic TX32PD30 - excellent screen with brilliant PQ. Cost me £1200 new a couple of years ago, you could undoubtedly pick one up for way less than £500 now. This is the updated model. The Toshiba 'picture-frame' model was also very very good.


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Sony Trinitron. Models about 2 years old, not the newer stuff. I reckon it can give the best possible picture in SD maybe?

EDIT: JVC does/did some nice set which are also 1080i compatable. Even better...


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I'll second the Panasonic TX36PD30 which has out performed any other picture that i have seen, includeing my mates 36" Tosh picture frame TV.


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Close call imo between the Panny 32 & 36 mentioned above and the Toshiba ZP38/48 models. All are approx three years old and still provide undoubted PQ from a variety of sources. Good luck!


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Well just to put the cat amoung the pigeons.... I've seen all the top models of yesterday... Tosh, Panny, Sony, Philips & the JVC out of which I'd pick a Philips Pixel+ 2 if only RGB sources are required (i.e no component).

These undoubtedly have the best tubes which give some real depth. The pixel+ system gives excellent detail in all areas and in all shades of brightness.

The Panny PD series while a gorgeous picture doesn't compete in detail to the Philips due to Gamma issues on RGB & possibly S-video.

Sony's nearly always give sublime accurate colour definition and vibrancy. As said by DRGL below the HQ100 is quoted as being a stonking set (It's flagship).

The Tosh Picture frames give very powerful colours and the best black level I've seen. I believe the colour differentation is down to the type of tube used.

The JVC 75Hz HD component i/p set I thought had a very slight edge over many a Sony model and had very similiar virtues.


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When i was buying mine i looked at the Sony(HQ100) Toshiba(Picture frame) and the Panasonic (PD30). The Toshiba looked fantastic......then i saw the Sony!! The HQ100 was easily the best in my eyes,the Panasonic seemed very poor compared to the other two,it also seemed to be riddled with faults! For me it came down to the Toshiba & Sony, I chose the Sony as overall it seemed better. ps,I also looked at the Philips but wasn't impressed at all!


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btw-what looks good in someones eyes may look awfull to yours-we all see thuings differently!! Only YOU can decide at the end of the day.

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DRGL said:
What looks good in someones eyes may look awful to yours-we all see things differently!! Only YOU can decide at the end of the day.
Spot on! :smashin:

Perhaps the Forum software should be programmed to display this answer everytime there's a "What's the best ...?" query.

But then we'd miss all the friendly banter from all those members who have yet to realise that TG's recommendations are always correct! ;)

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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Upper-end Loewes all the way. Mine is now 4-5 years old, and its as good as it was day one. Black levels, colour vibrancy, and completely natural picture.

Won't be getting rid of it till it breaks.



Hi again,

thanks for all your tips. From what I gather then it's a case of getting a used TV on ebay - and I'll probably go this route with one of the models mentioned. But I just had a bad experience buying a used TV (looked fine at first, now every time I use it the picture gets more and more pink)...

So I'm just wondering if there's a CRT that's actually new and on the market and available from companies who deliver that actually excels from a purely PQ point of view.

Thanks a lot. If anyone wants messed up 70s movies recommended then please don't hesitate!

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