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Which cost-effective wireless laptop to replace home PC?

Discussion in 'Networking & NAS' started by House Song, May 7, 2005.

  1. House Song

    House Song

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    I'm thinking of buying a laptop and my technical knowledge is not great, so it's difficult to know where to start. It's to replace our old home PC and we want a wireless laptop so we can move around the flat with it.

    Obviously we want it to be cost-effective and tailored to our (pretty basic) needs. Budget’s flexible to a degree, but we want this to be our home PC and not need replacing for a few years. Is around £600 sensible?

    To include the following features/requirements -

    1) Spec (CPU, hard disk, memory) - obviously we'd like it to be as fast as possible, but we don't need masses of power as we'd only use it for the usual spreadsheets, web browsing, email, digital photo storage etc, so is 512MB and, say, 60GB disk sensible for these uses?

    Apart from those, I have no idea about other spec details, e.g. cache, FSB, SDRAM and so on, and about how they factor into performance?

    2) Wireless – we have ADSL via Tiscali wired into the PC. With a wireless enabled laptop, what else do we need to buy/do - do we need to speak to Tiscali?

    3) Mouse – can I get an external wireless mouse for a laptop?

    4) Dimensions - we don't play films or games, so we 15” screen is fine, and it's not leaving the house so, although desirable, low size and weight are not essential.

    5) Graphics - no games played or video editing, so no fancy gfx card needed.

    6) DVD/CD Drive - only used for standard backing up (on CD up until now), so simple/average drive is fine.

    7) Battery Life – not a big factor as it will be run off the mains.

    8) Brand names - Is it smart to stick to HP, Dell, Sony etc? Should I head straight for the Centrino models? Or perhaps head for bargains with less well-known brands (e.g. Acer)?

    9) Retail - is it sensible/safe to buy online? Or will going to PC World, Dixons etc be worthwhile? I’ve read about e-coupons, and reconditioned machines – are these sensible cost savers?

    If anyone can feedback on any of these issues and make some recommendations, that would be fantastic. Thanks a lot

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