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Hello. I have a Sanyo from 2005, model # DP42545. I am looking to use a converter box to run a Roku via HDMI cable to watch Netflix. I was wondering which one would work, as the one I bought does not?

My old Sanyo has no HDMI port, but has an S-video wire and those red, white, green and white wires.

I purchased an HDMI to AV converter box which did not work. It would allow me to access the Netflix menu, but when I put on a show, I could only hear audio (no picture) and a purple message would display: "HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled." For reference, the box I bought is: model # EKL - HAV. Barcode #: 6 951 228 000850.

Which converter do I need, please? Do I need one with an S-video port too? Which HDCP protocol do I need supported, 2.2 or 2.3? And how do I know which protocol is supported, as the converters for sale online say they support HDCP protocol, but not which one.

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With the cheap and cheerful Chinese converters it's going to be a bit hit and miss regarding which ones will work. If they claim to support HDCP, then you are in with a chance, but many do not.

S-Video will give a slight improvement in quality, but for me, the money spent trying to get this to work would be better put towards replacing the TV. 2nd hand plasma TVs with an HDMI input go for as little as £50, so it's usually just a case of finding one locally to you so that you can go and collect it and see it working before handing over the money.


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Thanks for your reply, noiseboy72. We were gifted the Sanyo, and it's in great shape. As good as picture and sound from that era could be. We wanted to make it work for the kids.

However, your suggestion is a great one. I hadn't realized how inexpensive resale tvs are selling for. And you are right that it would be less expensive to just replace the tv, then to keep repurchasing uncertain converters.

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